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We were forced to work from home in 2020, but what are the differences between remote working, WFH and digital nomad? Most importantly, how can you define what you want to do and what option you have from your company?

Join AninaRachel and our moderator Linda Mata from Power To fly on June 14th, 2021
8am – 9am PDT / 11am – 12pm EDT / 17 – 18 CET

Some companies have announced a work from anywhere policy, now offer remote work options within particular time zones, some are designing hybrid policies and others plan to return everyone to the offices. There are more options than ever before.

Anina Lambrechts and Rachel Meda will help you start your career or take it to the next level!

Anina is a remote and ux design coach, a mentor to international designers from Career Foundry, and manages her own ux design studio. As a coach, she works with designers to help them perfect their presentations, and guides people as they re-organize their lives to work remotely or explore digital nomad life.

Rachel has worked in international recruiting hiring talent across Europe, APAC and Dubai. Her career has allowed her to live in France, London, Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand. She coaches people through their careers from job search to interview prep, remote work and relocations.

Linda is an online community manager who has worked remotely across Europe. She is an ambassador for Power To Fly and is a community engagement consultant.

Do you want to work from anywhere and explore the world whilst building a career?

We’ll answer your questions about:

  • Remote career paths in design and recruiting
  • Portfolios, Resumes and Cover Letters that will get you the interview
  • Using video when interviewing and presenting
  • Remote collaboration and creativity
  • How to increase engagement in hybrid teams
  • Remote work versus digital nomad
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  1. The Team at Allora and those they collaborate with are welcoming, inspiring and helpful. I highly recomend Allora sessions and taking advantage of the coaching sessions.

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