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How I got here…

The first time I moved abroad, I was 7 years old. Since then, I have always been in an international and diverse environment and I LOVE it!

Through school, university and then work, I met people from different countries and have always been fascinated listening to their stories about relocating abroad, what prompted their moves, how easy or hard it was for them to find work, what met or didn’t meet their expectations etc.

Fast forward to today, and after working in Talent Acquisition for various companies such as Walgreens Boots Alliance, Agoda as well as executive search and research companies, I can say I’ve heard a LOT of stories! I have recruited candidates for locations worldwide, from Chile to Cape Town, passing by Dubai and most of Europe and APAC.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have lived in different countries including France, UK, Hong Kong, and now Thailand, so I have been able to share my experiences about moving abroad with candidates and advise them on how to navigate theirs.

With time and experience, I noticed how interview styles and expectations varied across countries and cultures, thereby affecting the way a candidate should prepare for an interview.

As a Talent Acquisition and recruiting professional working for agencies and in-house, it has always been in my interest that a candidate performs well during an interview, makes a good impression and finds the right company fit to have a fulfilling career. Knowing I helped a candidate achieve his or her career goal is what I find most rewarding about my job! Sharing my experience, knowledge and the skills I’ve learned over the years with others to help them find their success is why I am coaching talent in addition to my recruiting roles.

If you are considering a move abroad, you have probably realised that there is so much to think about and so many options to consider. Sometimes where to start can stop us from moving forward! Whether you plan to relocate with the help of your current or future organisation, on your own, with pets, as a remote worker or another variation is exciting, but planning what your future “local” life will be like can also be daunting.

You may also wonder if your current or future company has offered you a reasonable basic salary and if the benefits are good enough compared with the location you will be in.

Make sure you seek advice and assurances before your interview or ahead of making the jump abroad. The team at Allora Collective is here to support you and has the personal and professional experience to do so.

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