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Mid-year check-in: Adapting your career strategy to reach your goals

Join us for this FREE event Monday, July 10th, 2023
1:00pm – 2:00pm ET 
We did it! We made it through the first half of the year, and Kelly Kugler, founder of Allora Collective, wants to remind us that mid-year performance reviews and evaluations are also a time for you to reflect on your path and plan for the future.
Kelly will help us evaluate our expertise and potential growth areas in this Chat. She’ll also provide advice to help us with strategic career planning and goal-setting for the rest of the year.
Remember that career success is a journey, not a destination — and it’s important to regularly reassess and adjust your strategy to stay on track toward your goals. In this vein, Kelly will offer valuable insights and advice to help you navigate a fulfilling professional path.
Kelly will review:
  • Reflecting on your current career path and identifying areas where you feel unfulfilled or stagnant
  • Considering your long-term goals and assess whether your current trajectory will help you achieve them
  • Seeking out opportunities for growth and development, such as mentorship, coaching, additional training, or networking events
  • Pivoting or making changes to your career plan when necessary to align with your goals and values
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Meet The Speakers

Kelly Kugler Founder, Allora Collective Kelly is a career manager, relocation coach, and global talent acquisition and recruiting leader.  She is the founder of Allora Collective, a team of coaches that helps people navigate the job search process, career pivots, and managing relocations. She helps her clients make career changes and relocations. Kelly developed scalable talent acquisition programs and created job search programs for, the NFL, and General Assembly. She also works with teams to improve their hiring programs and the quality of the experience for candidates and hiring teams. Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn, follow @alloracollective on Instagram, and book a free session at

4 thoughts on “Mid-year check-in: Adapting your career strategy to reach your goals”

  1. Avatar

    Kelly was amazingly helpful and informative in sharing timelines for regularly assessing goals and our progression towards them. She is a real person with real world experiences and instantly I felt at ease and appreciated her openhearted, frank, kind communication style. I look forward to learning more from her!

  2. Avatar
    Shristi Chandani

    Thank you Kelly for a captivating and enlightening session. Your insights were truly inspiring about how networking is important in job search. I have struggled a lot with this in the past and look forward to implementing your valuable lessons into my own endeavors.

    1. Kelly Kugler

      Thank YOU Shristi! I’m so glad it was helpful! You can also find free templates for job search networking in our blog and social posts on LI and IG PLUS when you subscribe to our email list you’ll receive the latest version of our Job Search Networking Templates PDF which will help you draft your messages when a job is a match for you, a job is not at your level but it’s the correct team and you want to connect and when there is no job posted at a target company for the team you belong with but you want to plant the seeds for future referrals now.

      Excited to meet you for our free session next week!

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