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Careers Beyond 40: Adapting To The Job Market With Complete Confidence 

Join Us for this FREE event March 19th, 2024
1:00pm – 1:30pm EDT 
Kelly Kugler, Chez Jennings and Bedilia Ramirez are speaking at the Empower Her: Advancing Women in the Workplace and Beyond Diversity Summit, hosted by Power To Fly.
This is a conversation we have had with each other and with the women we work with continuously. As we enter new eras in our lives our needs change as do our sense of where we belong. We have embraced those changes personally, professionally and we welcome this opportunity to include more of you in this conversation. We find confidence, support and inspiration in each other as we should.
As we progress in our careers, reaching the age of 40 can bring about a sense of uncertainty when it comes to navigating the job market, especially if we want to make a change. It’s essential to adapt with confidence to ensure continued success and to support one another in making it happen. Our network is a crucial aspect of navigating the job market beyond 40. Any kind of relationship has the power to open doors to new opportunities, boost our confidence, show us viable career paths to consider, and offer insightful advice from a woman’s perspective. When seeking new career opportunities, transitioning, or pivoting, it is essential to have confidence in your decisions, resilience, assertiveness, abilities, and expertise. With confidence, we can adapt and navigate the job market successfully and continue to thrive in our careers.
As we say at Allora Collective, big change requires big risk, but you don’t have to do it alone.
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Your Speakers:

Kelly Kugler
Founder, Allora Collective I Career Manager I Relocation Strategist I Global Talent Acquisition Consultant

Kelly is a career manager, relocation strategist, and global talent acquisition leader. She is the founder of Allora Collective, a team of coaches who guide people through their job search, career growth and transitions, and relocations. After developing scalable talent programs for, the NFL, and General Assembly, Kelly built Allora Collective. She works with businesses to acquire talent, improve their hiring programs, facilitate workshops and design coaching packages for their employees. Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn, follow @alloracollective on Instagram, and book a free session at

Chez Jennings
Career Coach I Tech Career Specialist I Founder, Gaze

Chez helps people develop their careers. She is passionate about lowering job seekers’ barriers to breaking into tech and accelerating their career growth. Her agency and recruiting expertise in tech spans across the US and Canada. Chez is a recruiter turned founder. As a coach, she manages careers leveraging her experience working across tech for Reddit and Lever, and as the founder of Gaze, she strengthens the voice of her community. Connect with Chez on LinkedIn, follow @GAZE on Instagram, and book a free session at

Bedilia Ramirez
Career Coach I College Recruitment I Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine

Bedilia empowers first-generation professionals by designing careers that align with their values. This includes helping job seekers become stronger networkers and storytellers. Her experience includes providing recruiting and career services in higher education, tech, and workforce development programs. She currently coaches at Skillcrush, an online coding and design school.  She also recruits diverse college students for Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT). Connect and follow Bedilia on LinkedIn.

13 thoughts on “Careers Beyond 40: Adapting To The Job Market With Complete Confidence ”

  1. Avatar

    I’ve just attended this, it was a really inspiring and interesting talk, a lot of helpful tips and ideas and a very nice conversation

    1. Kelly Kugler

      Thank YOU Amany! We appreciate you sharing your experience at this event! This conversation was important to us all and we loved opening this up to you all. We hope the conversation will continue and we can support each other through our careers!

  2. Avatar
    Karen'Nicole Mitchell

    This session at the Power To Fly summit was a gift! I truly enjoyed the invaluable, quantitative pointers. Thank you!

  3. Avatar

    This was a fantastic event and a great way to celebrate women in leadership! Kelly gifted some important gems to help utilize the power of networking and also some very important tips to help get into the role you deserve to be in.

  4. Avatar

    This event was filled with helpful, no-nonsense advice to help women remain confident in their job search. In particular, tips on owning your value and leveraging your entire network stood out. Thank you Kelly, Chez and Bedilia!

    1. Kelly Kugler

      Thank YOU for sharing your experience Mariale! It was our pleasure to make time for this conversation and we love to know that you found it valuable as well! We hope that this important conversation continues to inspire more women to support each other’s confidence as they navigate their careers.

  5. Avatar

    Kelly, Chez and Bedilia provided a very relevant workshop. They were all very approachable and knowledgeable. It’s unfortunate that ageism exists and that it makes it more difficult to find roles but we were provided great insights and recommendations.

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