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How to Prepare for a Virtual Job Fair and Land an Interview

Join us for this FREE event Tuesday, April 25th, 2023
9:00-10:00 EDT / 15:00-16:00 CET
Virtual job fairs are more popular than ever and are happening across all industries. These events are an opportunity to learn more about companies, pitch yourself for a job, land an interview, and grow your network. The key to success is being prepared for any and all of these outcomes.
Join Kelly Kugler, Founder of Allora Collective, along with Rachel Meda as they answer your questions, and share their best advice to stand out and make the most of online career events and networking sessions. During this conversation, Kelly and Rachel will give you the tools to prepare for the events that you can use at any point in your career. They coach Allora Collective clients from around the globe and will answer your pre-event questions and those from the live chat during this free event.
They will answer your questions about:
  • Pre-event research
  • Practice and adapt your pitch for these events
  • Tips to be camera ready
  • How to follow up with speakers to move forward
  • How to make new connections and grow your network
  • Expectations for these events
Sign up and submit your questions; they will also answer your questions in the live chat!
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Meet The Speakers

Kelly Kugler
Founder, Allora Collective

Kelly is a career coach and global talent acquisition and recruiting operations leader.  She is the founder of Allora Collective, a team of coaches that helps people navigate the job search process, career pivots, and managing relocations. She guides her clients through career changes in roles, or companies and plans relocations.

Kelly developed scalable talent acquisition programs and created job search programs for, the NFL, and General Assembly. She works with teams to improve their hiring programs with structured and adaptive solutions focused on the quality of the experience.

Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn, follow @alloracollective on Instagram, and book a free session at


Rachel Meda
Global Career and Relocation Coach, Allora Collective

Rachel Meda grew up in France as well as the UK and enjoyed life in London for many years. Her international experience includes living in Hong Kong and Thailand, and currently, she resides in Paris, France. Her professional experience in recruiting talent for roles in global organizations across Sales, Commercial, Finance, HR, and other corporate positions at all levels of seniority, across markets such as APAC, Europe and Dubai. Rachel helps clients through relocation and job search planning and interview preparation.

Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn, follow @alloracollective on Instagram, and book a free session at

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    This was an excellent Q&A that addressed my questions about Virtual Job Fairs as I’m transitioning into a career in tech. Now I feel much more prepared for my job search.

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