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Remote Work 102: The Best Communication Strategies You Need to Know for Remote Work & Remote Interviews

Our team has partnered with Power To Fly and our host Linda Mata for 2 workshops (May 10th + May 11th)  this time to answer even more of your questions than before! 

Join Us for these FREE 1 hour events May 10th and/or May 11th 

8-9 PDT / 11-12 EDT / 17-18 CET

We went from looking for a job in the newspaper to applying online through social media. 

We went from office work to home office.

But that‘s not the great news. The news is that we actually LIKED it!

The world of work is changing, and so are you.

“97.6% of employees would like to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the rest of their career” – 2021 State of Remote Work Report by We Work Remotely

“74% of employers surveyed plan to permanently move employees to remote work after the pandemic ends’ – Forbes

More people than ever before are working remotely and the numbers of remote workers and the volume of remote jobs continue to increase.

What defines us as human beings is the fact that we are flexible and can adapt to any change.

Our team will give you all the resources on how to fine-tune your remote job hunting and improve your remote working skills. 

They work with people every day through a career change, remote work transitions, and strategic relocations and they‘re going to share the best communication strategies and practices that will improve your experience. 

Kelly, Anina, and Rachel will set you up for success whether you’re searching for a remote job, interviewing remotely, or looking to improve your communication with your remote team. Learn from their global experience having worked across the US, Europe & APAC. Learn more about their collective journey from their bio’s on our website!

Join us and learn how you can find a remote job and work from anywhere!

Submit your questions and we’ll answer them live during this event. We’ll give you strategies and practices you can use now and answer your questions about:

  • Remote job search networking techniques
  • Interview Prep tips for video 
  • How to talk about your remote working soft skills (like written communications) 
  • International interviews are the most successful when you are aware of your local language habits and use universal language when telling your career stories
  • Onboarding and working across time zones requires proactively taking notes and exercising patience when crafting your written communications to be effective and actionable.
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Looking for personalized support with your career strategy, remote work transition or to explore relocations now that you’re working remotely?

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