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Remote Work 101: Designing Your Dream Career

Kelly and Anina support people through changing their job, how they work or where they work. They help people develop successful strategies to design their own path. Kelly’s expertise with career change and strategic relocations combined with Anina’s specialty of remote work and ux design make this a powerful event you don’t want to miss!

Join Kelly Kugler, Anina Lambrechts and Linda Mata of the Power To Fly team for this FREE event!

Imagine waking up in the morning, and instead of rushing up to the office, you open your laptop, make your breakfast and start your working day, as you want, wherever you want and how you want. Is this possible?

Kelly and Anina work with clients every day to help them re-design their lives and many are focused on remote work life with no plans of looking back. While there are more opportunities for ‘remote work’ being offered by companies their definitions and practices may differ.

Working remotely, means you have control of your schedule, of your tasks and you are in charge of your progress. In other words, it means you are in control of your own work life.

Remote work is NOT office life in your home. It is NOT work from home. Remote work allows you to organize your work sessions around the life you choose.

Block your calendar, take a break and go for a walk, turn off notifications and stop living on-call all day to react immediately to every message. Stop waiting for time when you can focus and create it, structure your day around you. Manage your calendar, don’t let it manage you. Your job doesn’t own you, you own your job and you‘re more than just a job.

You’ll learn realistic examples and expectations for:

  • How to design your remote work life?
  • Where to find remote opportunities?
  • You got that remote job, now what?
Excited to learn more?

Submit your questions and we’ll answer them live during this event. 

We’ll also personalize our answers to your situation as your questions come into the live chat!

4 thoughts on “Remote Work 101: Designing Your Dream Career”

  1. What a great event this was. So many great questions and fantastic answers. Lots of great information about truly remote work. If they do this again and you are interested in remote work don’t miss it!

  2. Brigitte Freriksen

    Very inspiring event! Just what I needed to get ready for the next step in my career. Remote life sounds perfect for me: taking over the world from the comfort of my own home. Thank you for the time and shared wisdom.

    1. Hi Brigitte – It was lovely to meet you in our session. Thanks for sharing your feedback here! We’re thrilled it was helpful for you to find new direction in your career. Cheers to taking over the world from the comfort of your own home 🙂

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