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Career Change Coffee Chat

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 12-1pm PST

Join Kelly Kugler, Jill DaSilva & Chelsea Hassler for a career change coffee talk. We’ve all been (or are) employees, female founders, contractors and made career pivots or career transitions. Kelly can also speak to jobs abroad & expat life.

We’re here to help you make those key connections between your experience and goals to leverage these changes. We’ll also talk about how we’ve helped each other and how you can find support and collaboration in your own networking, with us or through organizations we love.

All attendees will also receive Exclusive discounts for Allora Collective services & Inlands products!

We are asking for donations. There is no minimum for donations and all funds raised will help us continue to support all those in need with our free strategy sessions and other free events.

Thank you for your generosity and support ❤️

Sign up, submit your questions & we’ll answer them live!


We have all made career changes and we want to help you strategize yours so you can create your plan. Our transition experience ranges from child care to global recruiting to teaching job search to founder/career coach; coder to ux designer to ux design teacher to founder/design thought leader; scientist to ux designer to founder/health & wellness product. 

We’re here to answer your questions and help you identify the leverage within your career experience that will support the change you want in the life of your career. From examples of how we have helped each other, working through imposter syndrome and finding those people that you feel safe asking for help from, we offer our collective experiences to help you find a way to move forward from where you are in a direction you look forward to. 

Here are our career change bios for a more detailed map of our paths.

Kelly Kugler’s career path and personal experience with job transitions allow her to help others navigate these opportunities. With a degree in early childhood education she joined a startup to learn how a business is built. From there she pivoted to producing creative services for her clients then stepping into recruiting, managing her clients careers. Her next move was from NYC to Los Angeles where she created a job search program to a new generation of bootcamp grads of developers to ux designers. Leveraging her foundation as an educator she taught them to manage their careers with her insiders eye. She continued career counseling while moving on to build tech recruiting for the NFL, then worked with global talent re-building hiring teams and processes for as well as managing negotiations of global recruitment contracts relocating to Seattle then Amsterdam. In the Spring of 2018 she returned to LA to focus on helping people move through their career or a relocation. In Spring of 2020, Kelly launched Allora Collective, to scale her coaching model and provide access to specialists with cross-functional and cross-cultural expertise. 

“Work with Kelly & she will get you to where you belong.” ~Engineering Leadership at global Saas company


Jill DaSilva began programming when she was 8 years old and has been designing digital experiences since the early 2000’s. Jill has had many roles in life from working in retail, waitressing, early childhood education, web design, mother, entrepreneur, career changer, design instructor, founder, and mentor. Because of career change and a desire to help others in their career path, Jill is now a UX Design career mentor at Allora Collective. Jill also serves as an IxD Advisory Board Member for Santa Monica College and served as the Lead UXDI Instructor + Global Education Strategy Team Member at General Assembly. Jill was voted as one of 50 LA tech CEOs, founders, executives, hackers, & investors you must follow on Twitter. Jill joined the Allora Collective team as UX Design Career Specialist in May 2020. 

Chelsea Hassler is a Scout for Venture Fuel and an Analyst for Global Shapers, an arm of the World Economic Forum that connects start ups to institutional capital. She works as Product Strategist, mentor and educator helping companies (and people) innovate and pivot. She is the founder of Inlands, a sustainable superfood, mushroom and coffee company that fights climate change. Jobs she’s had before transitioning in tech include: personal trainer, bartender and art teacher.

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