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Remote Careers for Designers & Recruiters

Design and Recruiting are proven successful career paths for remote workers. The Allora coaches Anina and Rachel have navigated their own careers in those areas and helped countless others do the same. 

Are you looking to explore a new remote career?  Perhaps you are planning a career pivot to design or recruiting to prioritize working remotely? 

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Designers and recruiters are excellent communicators and highly adaptable. These skills are also critical to working remotely. Opportunities for these careers can be found internationally and applicable to many industries. Anina and Rachel will share examples from their own experiences as a global UX designer and recruiter and answer your questions about these career paths.  

Join Allora Collective coaches, Anina Lambrechts and Rachel Meda for this Q&A about remote career paths for designers and recruiters hosted by Power To Fly.  

They’ll answer your questions about:

  • Transferable skills for remote careers 
  • Key elements of a designers portfolio
  • Best metrics for a recruiter’s resume 
  • Job search networking 
  • Working internationally as a designer or a recruiter
  • Managing your calendar as a remote recruiter or designer
  • Career development and growth in design and recruiting
Sign up, submit your questions and they’ll also answer your questions that come into the live chat!

Meet The Speakers

Anina Lambrechts
Remote & UX Design Career Coach

Anina coaches talent transitioning into UX, junior designers, and working remotely. She focuses on creating healthy habits, routines and advice on how to work from anywhere. Looking back I’ve been in the tech industry for 10 years and worked in various industries from big, medium and small businesses. Throughout my career, I find the journey more interesting than the “end-destination”. I am insanely passionate about growth, career fulfillment, habits and productivity. Life led me to inspire and motivate and that’s what I’m meant to do – this is my freedom. “Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” Anne Sweeney

Rachel Meda
Global Career and Expat Coach

Rachel grew up in France as well as the UK and enjoyed life in London for many years.  Her expat experience included living in Hong Kong but for the past few years she has resided in Bangkok, Thailand. Her career expertise lies in recruiting and hiring global talent for Sales, Commercial, Finance, HR and other corporate positions at all levels of seniority, across markets such as APAC, Europe and Dubai. She advises on relocation and will help you prepare and practice for your next interview.

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