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How To Map Your Career Options  And Take Action To Reach Your Goal

Join us for this FREE event Wednesday, February 15th, 2023
1-2pm EDT / 10-11am PDT / 7-8pm CET
Are you ready for a new job search, promotion, remote or hybrid work shift, or maybe you want to live somewhere new?
Do you want something to change but don’t know what it is yet?
The job market has been unstable this past year, and after the last couple of years, many of us are craving a change, so what’s next for you?
Are you wondering what options you have? If you are thinking about preparing for potential layoffs, a career pivot, starting a business, moving to a new city, or working remotely to travel for a while then you need a strategy.
Join this chat with Kelly Kugler (Founder of Allora Collective, Career Coach, Relocation Strategist, and Global Talent Acquisition Leader) and Maaria Tiensivu (Founder of Innovation Distributed).
AND Allora coaches Anina Lambrechts and Rachel Meda will also be in the live chat to answer more of your questions! Book a free 1:1 session with them here!
In this chat, they’ll answer your questions about:
  • Mapping your career options for a job search, promotion, or new direction
  • Interview prep tips for career changes and remote work
  • How to navigate travel while working
  • Expectations for solopreneurship or consulting
  • How to start when don’t know what you want to do
  • How to find and qualify a coach to help you
Sign up and submit your questions and they will also answer your questions that come into the live chat!
Can’t join us on the 15th? No problem!
Sign up for the event and we’ll email you the link to watch the recording AND a discount code for Allora Collective services!

Meet Your Coaches

Kelly Kugler
Founder, Allora Collective

Kelly is the Founder of Allora Collective, an international team of expert coaches who guide you through a career change, remote work transitions, and relocations. She has built global talent acquisition programs for tech teams at, and the NFL, and created the original jobs program at General Assembly. Her first-hand experience of changing career paths and relocating across the U.S. and Europe helps her guide others as they navigate these opportunities because she understands the challenge personally and professionally.

Kelly also provides customized coaching workshops for hiring teams and founding teams to help them design their own hiring and culture environments to evolve away from inequitable corporate systems. Connect with her on LinkedIn, follow @alloracollective on Instagram, and book a free session at 

Maaria Tiensivu
Founder, Innovation Distributed 

Maaria is a location-independent founder with a background in service design. As a transformational coach, most of her clients don’t start coaching with a specific goal in mind, but rather explore different options and make decisions based on reflections throughout the coaching experience.

In addition to coaching individuals, Maaria is currently kicking off a holistic well-being program & community called The Four Languages. She also runs the KNOW-ME newsletter which offers a monthly topic and tool for increasing self-awareness and collaboration skills.

In addition to working with individuals, Innovation Distributed offers a range of training & workshops on people skills and well-being. Some of the pieces of training are also run in the Four Languages well-being program.

Connect with Maaria on Linkedin for coaching or follow @thefourlanguages on Instagram.

4 thoughts on “How To Map Your Career Options  And Take Action To Reach Your Goal”

  1. Avatar
    Hui Chieh H Jackson

    I enjoyed learning about everyone’s past experience with career changes. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one trying to pivot into another career for a better work-life balance. I have found the job search to be a long and tough journey but knowing that others have done it gives me something to look forward to. I got a lot of helpful info and lots to think about regarding where I want to go. I appreciate having webinars like this one that brings many like-minded individuals together.

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