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Making Career Moves in Tech

Tech careers adapt and change as fast as the technology itself in many cases. There are many opportunities for career path changes that will not move your back, but launch you forward. A key skill for your career development is to understand how to leverage your experience and transferable skills.

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Our founder Kelly Kugler along with Chez Jennings, Senior Technical Recruiter at Reddit and Bedilia Ramirez, Talent Partner at NYC Tech Talent Pipeline are teaming up with Power To Fly for this talk. You’ll learn from their experiences with personalized answers to your questions!

Whether you’re breaking into tech with other industry experience, starting as a recent grad or self-taught talent or ready to build upon the foundation you have and grow into a new role… you need a strategy and plan to make it happen!

Our expert speakers have made these moves personally and professionally. These women have carved their own niche in their tech careers and have helped thousands of talented people manage their own careers.

Join Kelly, Chez, and Bedilia for this insightful hour of Q&A.
They’ll answer your questions about:
  • Career paths in tech for mobility and remote work
  • Career pivots in tech that are a step forward
  • Pitching yourself into a career change, leveraging your past experience
  • How to ask about DEI efforts, growth and development
  • Finding mentors, allies and advocates
  • Job search networking strategies to avoid getting lost in the inbox
  • Opportunities [Pros & Cons] that exist in startups vs large scale enterprise companies
Sign up, submit your questions and they’ll also answer your questions from the live chat!

Meet The Speakers

Kelly Kugler
Founder, Allora Collective

Kelly is the Founder of Allora Collective. Allora Collective connects people to an international team of coaches who have expertise with career change, remote work transitions, and strategic relocations. They help people change their lives. Kelly’s work in global recruitment along with personal experience changing career paths, that included relocating across the U.S. and Europe, offers first-hand expertise when helping people navigate these opportunities. Kelly also provides leadership development coaching and curates workshops for hiring teams.


Chez Jennings
Senior Technical Recruiter,

Chez is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Reddit supporting Engineering and Product hiring. She has supported early to late-stage start-ups within HR tech, fintech, and social media across a variety of technical, operations, and administrative roles. She is passionate about online networking and leveling the playing field for candidates to break into tech.


Bedilia Ramirez
Talent Partner, NYC Tech Talent Pipeline

Bedilia is a Technical Recruiter at NYC Tech Talent Pipeline, helping connect recent grads from college or coding bootcamps with entry-level roles. Previously, she worked in higher ed and pivoted to a role that intersects tech + education. Her experience includes recruiting in Silicon Valley, startups, and working in higher education. She is excited about building equity and inclusion with tech, especially within the BIPOC community.

6 thoughts on “Making Career Moves in Tech”

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    I have recently joined this event and must say this was one of the best events I have attended. The speakers and the host were very engaging and knowledgeable. I was seeking some advice on how to best transition into the tech industry (I am transitioning my career from a non-technical background into data analytics) and having this kind of support and help on my journey is extremely important. Besides getting amazing advice from the speakers, I got so much more. Kelly provided various very helpful resources and I had a chance to ask questions directly to the speakers, where I got the help I need. I highly recommend those events for job seekers and career transitioners. Big shout out to the host, speakers, and other participants for such a great event.

  2. Avatar

    I recently watched the live recording of this event and it was very insightful. I am currently trying to make a career switch and having guidance during this time is really helpful and encouraging. I hope to attend more the events offered here!

  3. Avatar

    I watched a recording of this discussion and really enjoyed it. I am in the middle of my job search and this talk was encouraging and motivating. Thank you to the three speakers, who all provided great advice and ideas for moving forward in my job search.

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