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How to get a job in Travel & Hospitality

January 21, 2021 3-4pm EST

I’m speaking on the panel for this event with Riveter, Finding Jobs in Travel and Hospitality. It will be hosted by Adriel Lubarsky, founder and CEO of Riveter and joining me on the panel is Ariel Burkhart, Senior Recruiting Manager at Opentable/Kayak.

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You’ll learn…

  • How recruiters think about hiring for travel and hospitality industry
  • The most important skills to land a travel/hospitality role
  • How the industry responded and adapted to COVID
  • Where new jobs are coming from

An event in three parts:
I. 20 minutes of pure, raw, unadulterated EDUCATION 
II. 10 minutes of Q&A for some premium PERSONALIZED ADVICE 
III. 30 minutes of networking to meet the people who MAKE THINGS HAPPEN

Kelly Kugler spent over a decade in recruiting at companies like the NFL and Since 2018, Kelly has run her own business alongside a team of specialized coaches offering expertise in career and relocation transitions.

She’ll share how her own business (tied to travel and the jobs marketplace) was effected, what her clients are saying about the growth of the industry, and how you should position yourself to pivot and adapt to new circumstances.

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