Navigating Decision, Planning & Management Of A Career Change Or Relocation

Making risky relocations within the US and to Europe have been the most valuable experiences of my life! From new careers to new people, to adventures of driving across the US, up and down the west coast, weekends in Paris, road trips around Italy or holidays in Spain, building a new life can be a dream but it’s not easy.” Kelly moved her life from New York to Los Angeles, to Seattle then Amsterdam and back to Los Angeles [so far].  Looking for resources to explore options? Trying to prepare and set expectations for a new start? Overwhelmed in a new place trying to make sense out of everything? Join this chat to ask Kelly anything, live!

Meet The Speaker

I opened my world, braved new starts and worked with companies like General Assembly, NFL and My chosen global career path in recruitment has allowed me to offer others the same life changing opportunities while helping individuals and their families successfully navigate that process. This has become the most gratifying part of my career. No longer do we have to face these decisions and experiences alone. I’ve built a team of my favorite expat recruiters and friends to help others make the moves we have [and still are]. I want to support all of you who dare to open your world and help you do so fearlessly! Whether it’s career change or relocation let’s replace the mystery with realistic, manageable expectations so you can be more at ease as you move towards that feeling of being home in your new world.


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