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Cool, Comfortable & Confident: Interviews and Referral Conversations

These techniques help to fill the space between knowing you are incredibly talented and effectively conveying it during interviews or other conversations that can be intimidating. They can all be applied to phone calls or video chats.

During this chat we will personalize these techniques based on your questions:

  • PREPARE your career stories to bring your resume to life and build rapport by understanding you’re audience. 

  • ORGANIZE your setup for your convenience. Arrange your notes, resume, etc to be easily accessible to avoid the distraction of searching for them in real time. 

  • BE INVOLVED in the conversation and when appropriate ask them how their question applies to their team or the role. [You don’t have to wait until the end to ask questions nor do you need permission!] 

  • CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN by setting up your environment to be as comfortable as possible and help yourself to be confident. 

  • IT’S ALL ABOUT THE VOICE because our voice leads our energy and attitude. A secret to keeping your voice positive is to smile which naturally (for most of us) makes the inflections of our voice perk up. Keep a picture or something that makes you happy in your eye line as a reminder to maintain your positive energy with a smile.

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