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Ace Your Next Interview

The job search process can be exhausting to navigate especially since this is often not included in our formal education. We learn the skills we need to perform in the job or career path we want but where is the class to teach us how to get the job?

Join Kelly Kugler, Founder of Allora Collective, Chez Jennings, Senior Technical Recruiter at Reddit and our moderator Linda Mata of Power To Fly for this powerful hour of interview prep Q&A.
Tuesday June 29, 2021 at 11-12 PDT / 2-3 EDT / 20-21 CEST

It’s called a job search for a reason. Networking for referrals or introductions is how you get your resume and cover letter seen. The job of your resume and cover letter is to get you the interview.

Interviews are the path to the job offer.

Many incredibly talented people feel overwhelmed as they try to navigate what works and what doesn‘t when it comes to interviews, and it often feels like the goal post is constantly moving. Appropriate interview preparation leads to success and practice leads to progress.

Interviews are two-way conversations. The hiring team is evaluating a candidate’s fit and it is your opportunity as a candidate to interview the hiring team and learn if it’s a job you want.

Join Kelly Kugler, and Chez Jennings for this powerful hour of interview prep Q&A!

They will answer your questions about interviewing from their experience working in recruitment with both candidates and the hiring teams. They know the secrets to success and are ready to share them with you!

We’ll answer your questions about:
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to research for your interviews
  • Using the STAR method to convey your experience
  • Tailoring your success stories to your audience
  • Practicing for your interviews
  • What to ask the recruiter before your interview
  • Interview expectations for a recruiter versus a hiring manager
  • What questions to ask your interviewers
  • How to talk about compensation expectations
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Learn More About Kelly & Chez:

Kelly Kugler
Founder, Allora Collective

Kelly is the Founder of Allora Collective. Allora Collective connects people to an international team of coaches who have expertise with a career change, remote work transitions, and strategic relocations. They help people change their lives. Kelly’s work in global recruitment along with personal experience changing career paths, that included relocating across the U.S. and Europe, offers first-hand expertise when helping people navigate these opportunities. Kelly also provides leadership development coaching for individuals and curates workshops for hiring teams.

Chez Jennings
Senior Technical Recruiter, Reddit

Chez is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Reddit supporting Engineering and Product hiring. She has supported early to late-stage start-ups within HR tech, fintech, and social media across a variety of technical, operations, and administrative roles. She is passionate about online networking and leveling the playing field for candidates to break into tech.

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    Fantastic event! The guidance and suggestions were on point. While long term strategy suggestions were given, the best part were the insights that could be immediately implemented. Kelly and Chez are SMEs for sure!

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