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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Make A Career Pivot

Making a career change (and knowing when to make the transition) is not an easy feat to navigate, but you can make it happen.

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The expert coaches of Allora Collective propose asking yourself three questions before making the shift:

  • Why do you want to pivot careers?
  • How do you want the transition to look?
  • When do you want to make it happen?

Once you have clear answers to these questions, you’ll be able to master interviews and networking conversations by seamlessly connecting where you’re coming from to where you’re going.

Join us in this Q&A hour as Allora Collective Coaches, Kelly Kugler (Founder, Career Coach and Relocation Strategist) and Anina Lambrechts (Design Career Coach) answer your questions to help you develop a personalized strategy for a career change.

Ask them questions about:
  • Connecting your previous experience to your target role
  • Re-designing your resume or portfolio for a career change
  • Interview Prep; STAR method and tailoring career stories
  • How to answer salary questions and know your market value
Sign up, submit your questions and they’ll also answer your questions that come into the live chat!

Meet Your Coaches:

Kelly Kugler
Career & Relocation Strategist
Founder, Allora Collective

Kelly is the Founder of Allora Collective. Allora Collective connects people to an international team of coaches who have expertise with a career change, remote work transitions, and strategic relocations. They help people change their lives. Kelly’s work in global recruitment along with personal experience changing career paths, that included relocating across the U.S. and Europe, offers first-hand expertise when helping people navigate these opportunities. Kelly also provides leadership development coaching and curates workshops for hiring teams. Connect with her on LinkedIn, follow @alloracollective on Instagram and book a free session at

Anina Lambrechts
Remote & UX Design Career Coach

Anina coaches talent transitioning into UX, junior designers, and working remotely. She focuses on creating healthy habits, routines and advice on how to work from anywhere. Looking back I’ve been in the tech industry for 10 years and worked in various industries from big, medium and small businesses. Throughout my career, I find the journey more interesting than the “end-destination”. I am insanely passionate about growth, career fulfillment, habits and productivity. Life led me to inspire and motivate and that’s what I’m meant to do. Connect with her on LinkedIn, follow @remotedesignlife on Instagram and book a free session with her at

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