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Top 3 Career Lessons Learnt in 2020

Let’s recap 2020.

I know for most of us we just want to get this year over with! But as the saying goes, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. It’s true for 2020 too in whichever shape or forms it turned out to be.

What’s there to recap?! We will refer to this as the COVID 19 year and try again in 2021. The thing is, life still happened even if it felt we were stuck and wanted a redo. Who knows what 2021 will bring but let’s reflect on how our lives changed drastically and it was a pretty dramatic turn of events personally and professionally for us all.  

Whenever change happens, there is an opportunity for growth – if we let it. As we are eager to get back to our “normal” lives for whatever that might be in the future – let’s reflect even if it’s just for this article.

1. Be Proactive & Explore

Throughout this year we have seen so many job losses and higher unemployment rates all around the world. This forced a lot of professionals to reflect and be proactive,  taking initiative to assess their current situations.

  • Is there something you can offer in your community?
    Eg. Tutoring, Baking, crocheting, festive gifts
  • What can you sell online?
    Start an e-commerce site, sell your homemade goodies! Not sure where to start, have a look at Shopify (not sponsored) just a great user experience for even the novice!
  • Share knowledge of your skills and experience.
    Educational or instructional videos. Youtube, Instagram you decide so many platforms to share.

2. Invest In A Career Path For Your Future

While you are working from home you might have realised how much work you can get done without the distractions of the office. The key is to prioritize time for learning a new skill or improve on a current skill.

Some courses, you can simply google and you will find loads of options.

3. Forced Remote Work Is Not Remote Work

Now that we are forced to work remotely we are bound to end up overworking ourselves and not long after that, crashing. The truth is we were forced to work from home without any preparation or boundaries. Forced work from home won’t be over for some time, use these tips to re-think your daily life and re-design habits that will help you through this time.
  • Set a specific area for working – in your bed with your pajamas is enjoyable sometimes but everyday can be too much
  • Get dressed as if you would when going to the office
  • Block out your most productive, creative time on calendar to do the important tasks (don’t be afraid to block your calendar, if people really need to meet you during that blocked time they will ask!)
  • Do admin tasks outside of your most creative time Get excellent in time management (track how long it takes you to do recurring tasks so you can plan your time better)
  • Make sure to have an end of workday routine either a hobby or a self-care routine. It is as important to ‘check out’ of work as it is to be engaged.
Lastly all of us experienced this time differently and I can only talk from my own experiences but this is also a time to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Happy Festive Season, keep safe and healthy, we are all in this together!

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