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Our Favorite Tips On Preparing For The Dreaded Phone Interview

Many times the first step in the hiring process is a phone interview, and if you’re like a lot of people you might hate phone conversions! Don’t worry you’re not alone, we’re here to help! Below you’ll find seven tips on how to prepare for a phone interview and nail it!


1.Know your resume and career stories, study yourself. Know what you’ve done, and be prepared to discuss it. Think ‘as if’ you are in this role. How you could or would apply your knowledge to your daily work.

2. Look up what you could find about the person you’re speaking with on LinkedIn Examples: anything or anyone you have in common, their experience in this field, how long they’ve been at the company. Connections like this can help you stand out, and connect with the interviewer. These little bits of information can also be conversation starters and help ease any nerve you may have. 

3. If the interviewer has less experience they might be more focused on asking general questions like ‘tell me about yourself’ and ‘why are you interested in the company or role?’ If they are more experienced they will ask deeper questions about the breadth and depth of your work, looking for details that qualify your knowledge… know your audience and share your relevant experience!


4. Make sure you have your notes on the company, the role, why you’re a fit, resume (paper or open on your laptop), and perhaps the cover letter too as a reference for your thoughts about your fit for the role. These are all talking points for your phone interview, make them accessible and easily viewable. The interviewer is likely looking at your resume as a guide to their questions so you should be too. 


5. Make the interview a conversation and NOT a question and answer test! No one likes those, right? Have your notes handy with your questions about the role or company so you can integrate them into the conversation as relative points are discussed. 


6. Our environment for phone interviews should be comfortable and put you at ease whether that is walking around, sitting on a couch, at a table, etc. Give yourself the comfort to be confident.


7. Your voice is the attitude of the call so keep your spirit as calm and positive as you can. Attitude can be easily heard in the inflection of your voice. 

Recruiter Tip: The secret to keeping your voice positive is to smile, naturally (for most of us) smiling makes the inflections of our voice perk up! Keep a picture or something that makes you happy (a pet, your family, etc)nearby as a reminder to smile as you speak.

If you’re looking for more personalized expertise and help as you navigate a job search, remote work transition or relocation consider grabbing a session with us. The Allora team will walk you through interview best practices and prepare you to present your best self – whether on the phone or in person!

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