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FINDING YOUR AUTHENTIC PATH: Embracing Change And Evolution In Your Career

Making any sort of career change, even within the same company, can be a big life change. I struggled with defining my work identity while climbing the ranks in tech, feeling I had to code-switch or hide parts of myself to present as more professional. Since taking the leap and working for myself, I have the freedom to reinvent my brand as well as take more ownership over my time.

If you’d asked me ten years ago if I was interested in entrepreneurship I would’ve said no. In my early career my biggest priorities were all aligned with predictability: steady paycheck and consistent work hours. Now that I’m older and wiser and in a different financial position than I was then, I am open to more risk. My priorities have shifted to focus more on learning and fulfillment. 

It’s totally normal for your priorities to shift over time, just as your skill set grows and changes throughout your career. The evolution of your career is a dynamic process. 

Embracing change means allowing room for flexibility. If you were used to working for yourself and end up taking a full time role working for a company, your schedule is going to change and vice versa. Creating your own flexible roadmap that is uniquely yours is not a one-size-fits-all. 

Are you content with where you are but curious about what’s ahead for your future? If you’re eager to make a change but haven’t been able to move forward, ask yourself these questions: 

What’s important to you right now? What do you anticipate being important 3 months, 6 months, a year from now?

What are your pros and cons?

Is there something blocking you from making the change you want?

Who can help you move forward and embrace the change you need?

Starting to further identify your “list” will help guide the process, but remember it is iterative. If you resonate with any of this and seek more ownership of your career journey, I invite you to book a free session with our team. We specialize in creating personalized plans to support purpose-driven professionals to define and refine their authentic personal brand and customized career strategy to gain more freedom, fulfillment and mobility in their work. Let’s chat!

If you’re interested in tech specifically, our blog Boost your Career might also be worth a read. 

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