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Job Search Networking: How To Ask A Shared Connection For An Introduction To An Employee At The Company

Networking during your job search is the best way to help your application be considered. In a different blog we shared a template to ask your connection who works at a company for a referral when you apply for a job. In this blog, we are showing you how to find a shared connection and ask them for an introduction to an employee at the company you applied to.
LinkedIn will show you the shared connections you have to employees at any company with a LinkedIn profile. From the company’s LinkedIn profile page, click the link to see all of their employees, then use the connections filter and select 2nd connections. Under each profile of a 2nd connection LinkedIn will show you the connections you have in common known as ‘shared connections’.
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Please remember that a person will be sending this on your behalf and although AI tools exist to conveniently assist with message composition it is important that your message about why you belong in the role be personalized and impressive.
Use this template to ask one of your shared connections to make an introduction to the person at that company.
Hi _______,
I’m writing to ask for your help with an introduction to [CONNECTIONS NAME] AT [COMPANY]. I applied for the role of [JOB TITLE *ADD JOB POST LINK] on [APPLICATION DATE] and don’t want to get lost in the inbox. I don’t have any connections at [COMPANY NAME] and was hoping your introduction to [CONNECTIONS NAME] would encourage them to consider my resume.
I’m including a short note about why I’m a match for this role and I have attached my resume.
*The short note or ‘mini cover letter’ you include (sample below) is 1-2 paragraphs of 2-4 sentences each; First paragraph: 1 – 2 specific examples of your experience that support you as a candidate for the role; Second paragraph: summary of your career expertise
My experience with ____ when I worked for _____ resulted in ____. [OR MY DEEP UNDERSTANDING OF ____ AFTER WORKING WITH___ ]. My alignment with [COMPANY OR BRAND’S MISSION, VALUES, SCALE, PRODUCT, ETC.] is based on my _______ career expertise with [ADD YOUR MARKET OR INDUSTRY – for example, global reaching brands].
I admire _____[EXAMPLE – the team’s mission to maximize their impact beyond their sales with social good initiatives that give back to the community] and this is the type of team where I belong.
I appreciate your time and consideration to help me stand out as a candidate for this opportunity. I am happy to follow your suggestions for the next steps and can provide a full cover letter.
Please let me know if I can also help you with any connections in my network.
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