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How To Plan Your Remote Career In Uncertainty

Here we are in the new year – and yes COVID-19 is still alive

With a year like 2020, we can only hope for a better year. While hope is useful we should also plan even during these trying times.

This year I personally eased into 2021 like skin sliding on a slip and slide – slow and steady. As each new year rolls in we tend to make new year goals and resolutions. It’s good to have goals but if we don’t achieve them we may find ourselves feeling demotivated. It’s not because we aren’t capable of achieving them, it’s because we don’t create realistic expectations and an actionable plan.

Yes, I know we are in times of uncertainty but these are the times when being adaptable can not only help you survive but propel you to thrive. While covid-19 continues to restrict our daily lives it shouldn’t stop you from re-design your life. If you’re planning to sustain your career remotely. If we have to wait, let’s be proactive and be ready for the future we want ;).

Give yourself time. Have the patience to learn about your options. Develop a vision of your life while working remotely, understand your goals and the details you need to create a plan you can follow. It is a marathon so start now. Having a plan and a vision of how you want to live your life will give you confidence and help you make the decisions necessary to achieve it.

“The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.” – Unknown

Side note: Full-time employees make sure to discuss this arrangement with your manager and ask if they expect you to maintain a specific timezone.

Remote planning checklist


  1. Look for countries that are open and safe during COVID -19 – check latest updates here
  2. Look at countries that you don’t need a visa for
  3. Look at the remote work visa options

Check out nomadlist


  1. Check that your passport is valid and doesn’t expire while on your travels
  2. If you are going on a remote work visa be prepared to meet the Income requirements with proof eg. copy of your contracts & bank statements
  3. Health and travel insurance + COVID-19 Cover (Future vaccine requirements)

Be sure to check the country’s official websites for full requirements. Signup for the email list or any updates if they offer them!


  1. Create a Travel Budget Spreadsheet
  2. Include anything related to your travels (Luggage, visa cost, passport, COVID-19 tests, travel & health insurance, flights, accommodation etc)
  3. Include your new cost of living, food, exercise classes, clothes for the change of climate, wifi, phone and data plans.

Checkout Numbeo to calculate cost of living


  1. Get all the equipment you need now, whatever you need to do your job! (Laptop, laptop stand, wireless keyboard, mouse, trackpad, headphones, power bank, adapters etc.)
  2. Get organised and really good at prioritising your tasks no one is going to roll over and tell you to stop watching youtube.
  3. Learn productivity and time management skills right now. (Tools like Notion, Trello, Toggl Timer, Miranda Time Zone app, Google Suite can all help you)


  1. Do a trial and practice your workweek as if you were in another country. (Meeting at different Time Zones, block out focus times, time to explore the city and your future new routine)
  2. If you plan to go long term and move out using the Kon Mari method to sell, donate, store and throw out your things.

If you want to achieve your goal to work remotely you need determination, discipline, ambition and the adaptability to work from anywhere.

Book a free strategy session with me to start planning for your remote career or manage our ux design career!

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