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Hire a Career Coach And Get Your Company To Pay For It

A career coach is the same as other professional development like obtaining a degree from an institution or college, becoming certified, taking a course, or going to a conference related to your field of study, areas of expertise or industry.
The majority of companies will pay for a career coach as one of your benefits under learning and development. If you don’t use it by the end of the year, you lose it.
If a learning and development budget was not listed in your offer, you can still ask to have it reimbursed. You don’t get what you don’t ask for.
They may ask that you send them an email with your request or refer to it as a business case in order to submit the expense.
These are the topics you should cover in a conversation or in the formal request.
  • The value to your company
    • What aspects of your professional development will you be focusing on, and how will this benefit your company or team?
      • Will your coach improve your leadership skills? Productivity? Help you adjust faster during onboarding or while you transition to a new team?
  • Ask your coworkers
    • Does your company provide internal coaching for employees at your level? Do they employ outside coaches for their executives?
      • If executives or any other employees receive this benefit, its likely you can too if you ask
  • Find a coach now
    • Choose your coach now, rather than waiting to get approved. Have a specific person in mind and confirm their hourly rate or cost of their coaching services; the cost is often less than other company expenses, making the approval process easier.
    • You can also leverage the coaches website material and testimonials to justify the expense
  • Share this coaching opportunity
    • Tell your manager and team that if the company hires the coaches for several employees then they can receive a better rate and more employees will benefit.
      • Allora Collective works with teams to provide customized workshops, and bundle pricing.
  • Be proud that you want to improve.
    • Hiring a coach means you are accelerating your success and investing in your future.
    • Your company should be investing in your career development and provide effective, impactful support to you.
How do we know that your company will pay for your coaching or bundles for your team?
We’ve helped our clients get their company to pay for their coaching or packages for their team and we will help you too.
Don’t forget about our GIFT CARDS! You can buy a gift card now with your 2023 expense budget and start your coaching plan in 2024.
Questions? Book a free session with one of the Allora coaches and we’ll help you make this happen!

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