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How I got here…

I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and completed my college education there. My parents are from El Salvador and as a first generation college student, I wasn’t aware of cultural capital and the value of networking.  After an unfruitful job search, I was accepted into an Americorps program where I completed a 10 month apprenticeship with a job training program. 

This led to a full time role as a youth counselor, and for several years I provided career coaching and  business development for workforce training programs. I also became a mom and struggled with finding careers that were fulfilling and paid well.  For many years, I juggled single parenthood alongside a traditional 8 am to 5 pm work schedule, while advancing my career and raising my son.  I honed my networking skills and cultivated strong professional relationships. I was now being invited to conduct  resume workshops with my former Americorp program! 

In  2009, I started a part-time Masters program in Communication Studies while working full-time and raising my kindergartner with the help of my parents. This led to a pivot to higher education, and the hopes of having a flexible work schedule and salary increase. In  2015, I made the life-changing decision to move across the country to NYC,  seeking more diverse leadership and pay that matched my market value.

This led to a Career Specialist role in higher education, where I found myself immersed in guiding freshmen and sophomores in STEM through their professional development journeys. As my understanding of the tech industry deepened, I began envisioning myself within a tech company. This led to another pivotal decision in the summer of 2016: I accepted a contract recruiter role at Google headquarters in California.

During this transition, I invested in a life coach who helped me align my career with my parenting and personal goals. I created my own definition of success, realizing I am most fulfilled when my values align with an organization’s mission. Despite my invaluable recruitment experience gained at Google, I couldn’t overlook the lack of diversity in the tech sector. Motivated to make a difference, I returned to NYC and focused on career coaching and recruitment roles with organizations committed to fostering inclusive and diverse work environments.

I enjoy working with candidates who are pioneering professional pathways, returning to work after a layoff or time off, or balancing a career while parenting. I help you define success in ways that celebrate  your entire authentic self, embrace your unique identity and life experiences. 

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