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Referrals & Introductions:
Who, What, When, Why & How To Ask

This event was on October 22nd, 2020
Making new friends as an adult is just like deciding what to make for dinner; it’s surprisingly (and almost universally) difficult and tedious, and no one ever seems to talk about the struggle! And if you thought making new social connections was tough, try adding the pressure of maintaining professionalism and it’s suddenly easy to understand why the art of introductions and referrals seems so murky! But Kelly Kugler, Founder & President of Allora Collective, is here to demystify this process AND help us understand how to make and use connections like this to our professional advantage!

Kelly is happy to share her expertise, but be sure to bring your questions so you can take full advantage of her knowledge! Your pre-submitted questions (during registration and leading up to the event) will help direct the content of this chat, but you can expect to leave with these key takeaways:
  • Who to ask & when to reach out
  • What kind of connection you should make & how to ask
  • How to draft a clear message to get what you want
Looking for a personalized career development or job search strategy for your situation? Book a free strategy session & get started with Kelly today, she will get you to where you belong!

4 thoughts on “Referrals & Introductions:<br>Who, What, When, Why & How To Ask”

  1. Wow, so many great strategies here! I love how effortlessly you gave examples of what to say when reaching out to someone for help. I tend to obsess a little *too* much over the messages I send to strangers, but this session helped a lot in getting me more comfortable with this kind of communication.

    1. Thank you Valerie! So happy you found the examples applicable and effortless! If you want any 1:1 help book a free strategy session with one of us and we’re here for you!
      Thanks again!

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