How I got here…

Throughout my career, I have always had a strong passion to contribute to tech and diversity-focused communities. It is with this passion that I have spent over 10 years as a technical recruiter, mentor, and career coach in Silicon Valley.

I have been able to work with the talent of amazing companies such as LinkedIn, Lytro, Apex.AI, Magic Leap and Yahoo!. 

It was at these companies that I have been able to work with hundreds of software engineers, product managers, artists, designers, marketers, finance and business team members at all levels as individual contributors and leaders. 

My expertise includes LinkedIn profile makeovers, creating or editing your resumes, cover letters and interview coaching. We can create your own tailored job search strategy, assist with offer negotiations, as well as prepare for performance reviews, future promotions and compensation discussions. 

As you continue to grow in your career, networking, mentorship, referrals, communication, accountability, leadership, and career satisfaction will become ever more important, so let’s discover ways to partner together to help achieve your longer term goals. Whether it is helping land your first job, getting promoted from a Senior Software Engineer to Lead Engineer, or making the leap from being an expert in your craft and leading a team or becoming a manager, we can discuss ways to help make this happen for you.

I have helped many candidates to join consumer, enterprise, marketing, ecommerce, gig-based, analytics, crypto, virtual reality, augmented reality, transportation, and autonomous software startups.

I’ve worked hard to build a strong network and have been blessed with a referral to every recruiting role I’ve had whether it be from an internal employee, agency recruiter, coworker, or a venture capitalist. It is by having a diverse network of  people  who support you, that you can achieve your career goals. I love to give back and support others, having taught networking workshops for nonprofit organizations, recruiting firms, and local government employment centers. 

We all need a team, mentors, and allies supporting our careers. 

There are recruiting peers that I have worked on multiple projects with, engineering candidates who become dear friends, and industry experts that I can always turn to. Kelly is one of those experts. I am excited to be able to partner with the Allora Collective, leveraging our nationwide and international expertise. 

It is my hope that you feel that Allora Collective’s team of coaches and industry experts, can be a part of your professional journey together!

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