Our Founder, Kelly Kugler made some big changes across her career and wanted to make it easier for other people to do the same. From relocating across the US and to Europe while working in global recruiting, she learned the essentials for a successful move along the way. These experiences along with our team around the world have allowed us at Allora Collective to help others find similar opportunities and navigate the process of these transitions.

The Story of Allora Collective...

Allora Collective was created to provide a net of support woven together across industry, culture and lifestyle. Our shared experience is yours. 

Allora is an Italian word and it means “then” in several senses of the word (as well as: well/so, at that time, in that case) and is typically used as a filler word. It is often said when someone is pausing or taking time to think of what to say next, it’s in this moment when we know something comes next but we need a pause to think of what that is. This pause is where Kelly found that many of life’s moments happen, especially in a career. It’s knowing that something is coming and pausing to collect your thoughts before your next big decision. When you work with us, we’ll join you in that pause to help you reach your next goal.  

The Allora Collective team works with clients around the globe to:

  • Explore their options for career change or relocation
  • Build a career or relocation strategy and create their plan
  • Present themselves with their resume, profile, and portfolio 
  • Speak confidently during interviews and negotiations
  • Discover and design their new world 

Big Change Requires Big Risk, But You Don't Have To Do It Alone